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Katie – Guide

“Once you find out when different places makes you feel joy, you will never stop travelling” and that happend when I was 19 and did my first trip to Israel for seasonal work. Since then I lived and travelled to different countries and never fully return to Slovakia where I was born.

After 9 year working for hotel chain, sitting in office my soul calling for freedom decided to make changes and do job what is not job anymore, but simple passion. In my 3 year stay in US I finished course in Professional photography added course in webdesign and branding and passion to yoga made me certified yoga teacher. Which was my full time job for 4 years until the Covid time and lockdowns. Then I had to recalibrate and return to webdesign, brand photography and teaching yoga only online few hours a week.

All what I have learn gave me opportunity to live my freedom life anywhere I wish to be.

Currently living as freelencer with my lovely dog in central Sardinia, learning new language, exploring this beautiful island, local people, food, traditions and enjoying the sun.