Project Description


Sophie – Instructor

Through a love of movement and a childhood of dance Sophie found yoga, having practised many styles, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Dharma and Hatha Raja.

After being introduced to yoga in her early twenties through an Ashtanga practise, she continued her practise with local teachers Adele Offland, Matt Ryan and Sherry Edwards.

Sophie completed first 200 hour training was a combination of Sivananda and Ashtanga with Sun Power Yoga in 2016.

Her practise led her to find the Dharma Yoga discipline and through this practise she found her teacher Andrei Ram and completed her 200 hour in Hatha Raja Yoga in 2018 and 2019.

Her own practise and studies are always continuous, under her teacher Andrei Ram. Sophie enjoys using elements of Chinese medicine and meridians into her restorative classes. Her classes are light hearted and designed to help bring a sense of balance and equanimity to your body and mind. The real practice of yoga is not how many shapes you can make on the mat but the way you move through life, the asana practice is designed to make you feel good, to keep your body healthy and you mind clear and allow you to find stillness within.