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Deirdra Barr – Head Tutor Serenity Escapes

Deirdra has been practising yoga and studying its philosophies for over 20 years and specialises in teaching yoga for wellbeing and yoga for sports.  She is actively involved in all aspects of Wellbeing and has been instrumental in the development of a nationally recognised corporate programme.

Deirdra is also L4 Register of Exercise Professional (REPS) with specialties in Management of Lower Back Pain and Weight Management.  She is also a qualified Yoga Sports Coach using specialist techniques to enhance sports performance and prevent injury in athletes. In addition to yoga, she is an experienced tutor, stress management consultant, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Teaching people simple daily relaxation techniques and functional yoga to incorporate into their busy lives is a key passion of hers.

”I don’t teach one style of yoga and like to offer whatever suits the individuals in my classes from gentle relaxation techniques through to dynamic postures.  This comes from having completed three different yoga teacher trainings, studies in anatomy and Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda and Thai Massage which gives me a very large “toolkit” of ideas and experience to pull from! Keeping things fresh, accessible for everyone and set at the right challenge is something I strive for in my classes.”

Another benefit of yoga is Improved Sleep – “Without fail almost every client I work with gains better sleep quality from yoga and this has directed me to study sleep in depth.  I am a member of the British Sleep Society and trained in CBT for insomnia at Edinburgh and Oxford universities with a mentorship at Great Ormond Street’s Sleep Clinics. I have a very good success rate even with chronic insomnia.”

Eva Schroeder

Eva Schroeder is a certified Yoga Sports Coach with Yoga Sports Science, fully qualified Vinyasa/Hatha Teacher as well as Massage Therapist, and also currently studying further with Yoga Medicine.

Eva has always been passionate about sports and movement of all kind – she loves running, climbing, squash and skiing to name a few. She firmly believes in the importance of movement and the power of our breath as the connection from our bodies to our minds, and has experienced firsthand the incredible effects a regular Yoga practice can offer us.

Her aim is to try and bring about the same powerful transformation in her students, by helping them re-discover a deeper awareness of themselves – a union of both the body and the mind, by finding a deeper consciousness and integrity within the body, as well as a beautiful spaciousness, freedom and ease within the mind.

Based on over 12 years experience of working with and teaching hundreds and hundreds of students, her continuous studies as well as her committed self-discovery, she has unravelled her very own intuitive approach to working with her students, so that they too can – slowly slowly – start to tap into the huge potential we all have within.

Juniper Yoga was founded by Eva in 2011 when she started on a journey to bring the deeply transformational practice that is Yoga to her students and clients. Beyond her work in Bristol/London, where she offers open group / corporate classes as well as teaching private session in a 1:1 environment, she recently started offering online programs, supporting and coaching runners to complete their first marathon with the help of Yoga as cross-training