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Why a Serenity Escapes and Wellness Holiday

Yoga has been a way of life originating in India thousands of years ago.  It’s meaning simplistically means “to unite” (the mind-body-spirit). In it’s varied forms it is used as a physical exercise, a self development tool,  for peace and clarity of mind, sports performance development and for many other reasons.  It is adaptable and suitable for ANYONE.

We teach and guide yoga respecting its traditions but believe that every person finds the yoga style, practice and level that works for them and we will help you to achieve this whatever your requirements.  Nothing is forced, everyone is respected including individuals comfort zones, fitness levels and personal goals. Our classes focus on the body alignment;  the physical postures (asanas), linking the breathing practices and attaining a sense of deep relaxation which ultimately brings one more energy, calmness and many other benefits, both physical and mental.

Wellbeing incorporates many things: we are experienced to guide you in many aspects of wellbeing including weight management, nutrition, stress management, lifestyle change management and deep relaxation techniques. Our aim is for you to enjoy your holiday, leave refreshed, with an energised mind and body and a desire to carry some of the techniques into your everyday living.

Holiday Information

Daily Yoga and Guided Relaxation Sessions (am and pm)

Small groups ensure individual attention from professional teachers.  These particular workshops are suited from complete beginners to intermediate levels with an emphasis on wellbeing.  Some guided relaxation/meditation and yoga sessions are run in stunning outdoor locations.

Yoga Classes

Suitable from beginners to intermediate (we run specialist workshops for more specific forms of yoga), we focus on yoga physical postures for well-being, strength, flexibility and relaxation, aimed to be challenging yet suitable for your individual fitness level.
Your yoga classes are just over an hour twice a day and are designed to be suitable for your fitness level.  Tutors are experienced with offering adaptations or progressions to suit individual levels.  In the morning we engage in a dynamic “wake up” class, whereas the late afternoon session are more centred on quietening postures, breathwork and relaxation.  Where possible we set the classes in stunning outdoor locations and we choose lunchtime locations for their relaxing meditative beauty.  We aim to teach you several stress management techniques to use whatever lifestyle you lead so you can utilise the breathing techniques or yoga postures you learn into your professional environment in an unobtrusive manner. Our tutors are not only qualified and experienced yoga teachers,  they are also on hand with other personal wellbeing and fitness advice.

Relaxation and Guided Meditations

Usually set in a scenic location we use guided visualisations, and breathwork techniques to immerse you in a deep relaxation in a beautiful and safe setting.


Full spa access is included in each package, If you wish to book any massages (additional cost) please advise at the time of booking so we can pre book with the hotel.

Sample daily itinerary

7:30 – 8:45 Morning yoga session

9:00 – 9:45 Breakfast

10:00 – 13:00 Outdoor Activity

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch time with meditation (outdoors)

14:00 – 16:30 Spa and/or free time

16:30 – 17:45 Outdoor Yoga, Breathwork and relaxation class

Free time & Dinner