Welcome to Serenity Escapes Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Serenity Escapes provide Yoga & Wellness holidays that both stimulate and relax your mind using the power of nature and an emphasis on wellness and stress management, using yoga physical postures, visualisations, relaxation and breathing techniques as the core activities.

All Yoga & wellness holidays include a personal lifestyle assessment with professional guidance from your tutor.  This gives you a take home practice guide and some techniques for managing stress in a realistic way to suit your individual lifestyle.

All levels are catered for with our fully qualified and experienced yoga teachers, each with their own specialities including weight management, yoga for sports performance, nutrition, stress management, lifestyle change management, conflict management and hypnotherapy for relaxation.

Our meditation sessions will reinvigorate the mind & soul, each session will use the power of nature to energise and revitalise. Our retreats are specifically chosen in areas of outstanding natural beauty. We use the power of waterfalls, the sound of the ocean, the crisp mountain air and sunrise & sunset sessions.

Serenity Escapes